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About the Company

Rainforest Coffee / About the Company

At Rainforest Coffee we see coffee differently. Coffee is both revitalizing & medicinal, it uplifts the spirit, clears the mind, motivates action and it’s also a pillar of human health. Maximizing the power of coffee is what we are about.

The physical health benefits of coffee arise from its potent phytonutrient and antioxidant properties inherent in the coffee bean.

One of the most important factors in what makes a great coffee will be the location—which affects the nuances in the coffee produced. The worlds best coffees use Coffea arabica beans as it contains only moderate caffeine content, superior aroma and taste, and reduced bitterness.

Single source coffee from a micro-climate that delivers unique taste and aroma are the hall mark of a truly great premium grade coffee. Only several coffee growing areas of the world are acknowledged as producing the worlds most prized coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans grown in the Aceh Gayo Rainforest Highlands are our choice in terms of fulfilling all the characteristics of a premium coffee in terms of flavor, aroma, health benefits, low acidity, natural farming methods & fair-trade sustainability. A note on the antioxidant properties, they are higher in the medium roasts, so choose these over the dark roasts if this is your concern.