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Our herbalista


Benjamin Drewe

Ben coined the term Herbalista as a combo of his day job as a medical herbalist and passion as a therapeutic oriented barista, formulating coffee & herbal concoctions to invigorate and enhance human health. Ben describes Coffee arabica as the enjoyable proof of the power of the plant kingdom on influencing human physiology. Even total sceptics of natural health and alternative medicine sit down every morning to enjoy their morning coffee, without which their day has not really begun. Herein, Ben feels lies great potential for everyone to experience a deeper connection to the power of plants.

Coffee arabica is the enjoyable proof of the power of the plant kingdom on influencing human physiology

Ben started his herbal practice in Malaysia in 1991 and straight away began researching and developing products based on Malaysian and Indonesian tropical herbs, oils and spices under his Rainforest Herbs brand. An avid fitness freak, surfer and shaman, Ben teaches his thousands of customers and clients around the world the importance of making our diets the principle foundation of health. Ben practices what he preaches by adhering to a low carb high fat, paleo & ketogenic dietary lifestyle for himself. On a surfing trip to Aceh in Sumatra in 1994 Ben discovered the rich medicinal biodiversity of this region and was especially taken away with their local coffee, known as Aceh Gayo Highlands coffee, one of the premium Arabica growing regions of the world due to its rich volcanic soil. His passion for Indonesian single origin coffees was born and forms the basis of all our Rainforest Coffee products.